Mentoring and Leadership Programs:

mentoringBusiness His Way Services can create a custom tailored business mentor program that will help you become a Christ-like CEO and transform you to be the business leader that you were meant to be.

One of the challenges that business owners and CEOs frequently face is that they do not have anyone to turn to when they need advice, encouragement, or even the listening ear of a seasoned business leader who has encountered the issues that they are facing. They need someone who can offer wisdom and guidance on their path in the business world. When facing issues such as meeting payroll, pending litigation, or terminating employees, there are very few people in the company that the business owner or CEO can turn to for advice or encouragement. They often feel that they are carrying a secret weight that they cannot disclose to anyone. Our business mentor programs are designed to change that paradigm and come alongside to assist you with your burden.

As a business leader, you often feel that you are constantly pouring your life into others but there’s no one around to pour into your life. Jesus told his disciples to come apart to Himself, so that He could refresh them (Mark 6:31). As Paul mentored Timothy, Elijah mentored Elisha, and Moses mentored Joshua, each of us needs a mature business mentor to provide godly wisdom in times of need. In fact, God has made us to be relational creatures after His own image and likeness. Ultimately, Christian business leaders cannot succeed and mature outside of Christian fellowship, just as a branch cannot survive outside of the vine (John 15:4-5).

Our mentoring services are tailored to the challenges that you face on a daily basis in areas such as stewardship, finances, honor, humility, love, integrity, debt, mountain-moving faith, prayer, and prophetic declarations. As iron sharpens iron (Prov 27:17), our mentor programs are designed to sharpen you to become a Christ-like CEO and transform your business into a Kingdom focused business.

We also provide leadership training programs for your employees that are geared towards transforming them into better employees using biblical principles including goal setting, responsibility, integrity, listening, conflict resolution, patience, and forgiveness. These programs can be presented to your employees during a lunch-time brown bag session or a ½ day training seminar.

Although not required, we strongly suggest that you start with our 2- CEO Needs Assessment to allow us to better understand your needs and present you with our recommendations.

Client Testimony


I truly believe that in order for business owners to operate effectively for such a time as this, cutting edge business intercessors are not only recommended, they’re essential.

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